Back to School – Get off to a Good Start!

Back to School – Get off to a Good Start!


Back To School

New classes, new clothes, new school supplies, new friends, new teachers, and new challenges! The start of the new school year brings excitement as well as anxiety for many students and parents. From students in elementary school to those heading off to college for the first time or returning to college after a summer break, there are lots of challenges ahead.

Elementary Students

Picking an outfit to wear the first day of school and making sure the shoes still fit are just a couple of the items parents have to grapple with this week. Endless amounts of paperwork as well as long lines collecting lists of supplies adds to the drama. Finding just the right backpack and lunch pail is always critical. Most important is getting your student ready to face the new challenges of another first day of school. A new teacher and new friendships to be formed. Encourage your student to make a good first impression with the new teacher by paying attention and following classroom rules. Do not forget to say please and thank you, be neat, be respectful, raise your hand, follow directions, and work hard. Welcome the new students who may not have been at your school last year! Volunteer to show them around. Do not get frustrated if you are not with the teacher you thought you wanted or with a group of friends from last year. Classes are organized to maximize your learning and there is always a reason behind assignments.

Middle School Students

This is definitely a big transition for many students, especially those entering 6th grade. Staying organized is absolutely critical and first days can be confusing as students move from class to class and struggle to remember five or six different teachers’ names as well as encounter many more students than in elementary school. Keep a copy of your schedule with you at all times. Listen carefully to teacher’s instruction the first day and make a positive impression by following classroom rules and minding your manners.

High School Students

Another big transition especially for high school freshmen. Classes are more challenging and if a goal of college is in your future, everything counts! Yes, some colleges focus on grades earned in 10th through 12th grades, but there are many schools that look at all grades earned in 9th also. Keep your options open by doing your best in each of your classes. Attend all classes and get to know your teachers. Be on time to class and pay attention. Take notes and complete homework as assigned. Make sure all summer assignments are completed and ready to turn in on the first day of school. Keep your phones out of sight. Sit in the front of the class and avoid sitting next to friends who may distract you. First impressions are very important. Make the right one!

Best wishes to parents and students for a successful new school year!

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