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Who is Academics ETC?  Susan Williams and her children attended Palos Verdes Schools.  Susan started Academics ETC in 2009 driven by her passion for helping other PV parents and children maximize their education opportunity. “A better education, A better life.”

Why Academics ETC? We are conveniently located in Lunada Bay close to a number of schools.  Students can walk to our offices.  We have a wide range of offerings to help students during their academic journey from 1-1 Tutoring and Homework Assistance to SAT/ACT Test Prep and college  application  support.  Our goal is to help each student reach his or her goals at each level and to be ready to excel at the next stage.

How do we compare price and value to others?  We offer more for less.  Our SAT programs have more hours of instruction for less and our tutoring and homework assistance services have outstanding results and the lowest rates in the area.  We are part of the community.  Our goal is to provide high quality services while being sensitive to pricing.

Why our SAT Prep Class?  We offer a comprehensive SAT Prep classes that is designed to completely prepare each student for the SAT test.    To assure students get the attention they need, we limit our classes to a maximum of 15 students.  Our students have consistently raised their SAT score by at least 200 points.

What if I need 1-1 help with the SAT?  We offer 1-1 SAT tutoring to students that want a more dedicated help.

Do you have an ACT Prep program?  Yes, we will proctor an ACT test.  Based on the results we will provide 1-1 tutoring to prepare you for the ACT test.

What is Homework Club?  Homework club is a place for students to come to complete their homework assignments and to be prepared for class projects and tests.   Tutors monitor homework club and are available to answer questions and provide guidance.

How often should I attend Homework Club?  We recommend students attend homework club four days a week Monday through Thursday.  The goal is to attend a consistent time to stay on track with studies.  We also offer additional time on Sundays at no additional cost to help students be prepared for the coming week.

What kind of 1-1 tutoring is available?   We provide tutoring across all subjects K-college.  Our tutors customize sessions to specific areas where the students need help.  The also coach students on study skills and test preparation strategies.

Do you offer group tutoring?  Group Tutoring is available for high school students that have the same class or are working on a group assignment.

Who are your tutors?  Our tutors are teachers, college graduates and college students who are trained and have expertise in specific subjects.  Our tutors are passionate about the subjects they teach.  We also offer opportunities for local high school students with an interest in teaching to support our tutors and work with some of our younger students.

Do you offer summer programs?  Yes, we offer a range of transition, literature, math and study skills, and SAT Prep courses each summer.  We also offer 1-1 tutoring and homework club for those students attending summer school or taking an on-line course.

How do I know if my child is progressing?  As part of our Homework Club service, we monitor grades weekly.

How do I sign up for services?  Call the office to schedule a free consultation.  Together we can design a program that best meets your needs.  You can also find a registration form on this website.